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I'm an zyada I'm a chef at the Institute

of Culinary Education and today I'm

going to show you how to open every nut

so here are some of the tools I'll be

using today I have a nutcracker that has

curved edges I have a more traditional

Nutcracker that you might have at home

straight on both sides I have a garlic

press that we'll use for some of our

more delicate nuts I have a paring knife

and for our tougher nuts I have a hammer

English walnuts like most nuts it has a

tough outer shell and the inside is the

meat that we're gonna eat walnuts are

known for their buttery flavor they're a

little bit bitter and they're high in

omega threes which are really great for

your brain this one's a little bit tough

to crack so we're gonna use our nut

cracker I'm gonna gently squeeze it till