How to unlock any modem to universal 2017

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these are the three things we need in

this video was a plug-in the I also

remove them it pops up the default modem

from setting I've looked through the MTN

so I close the top these are the three

things we need the emotion theory update

the unlock universal code on the mobile

partner I click on universal master code

right now then I input my name in number

I click on calculate now I have the

unlock code on the flash right now we

need just the flash code so I copy the

flash code to my clipboard so I have the

flash code copied now able to do you

want every update I click on it so in a

zip file so it's got pops out with the

windra application no no I'm gonna click

on the menus that I have the Iran

something update it's gonna extract out

and I'm good for it to pop out so it

comes out and I click on accept nest and