How to cut a large mirror without breaking it

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hi there I'm in Lampton and I'm gonna

show you how to cut a large piece of

glass without breaking it hopefully

first thing I'm gonna say is that get

the right tools I used this cheap Home

Depot brand husky glass cutter and I

broke a couple pieces the wrong way and

that was really not fun but this five

dollar cutter cost me $50 piece of glass

and so I really recommend getting a

really nice color like this toyou glass

cutter which is $25 just for 20 more

dollars you can save yourself a much

much more expensive piece of glass and

then you'll be much happier as well so

what another thing is that you have to

score the glass side up rather than the

foil side on the bottom if you score the

foil side there's chance they'll only

score the foil and not actually the

glass and so therefore you want to