How to lock pick a 4-digit master lock

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it's up YouTube I'm going to give you a

tutorial on how to open a model 175

master four-digit padlock why I choose

such a specific block is because these

things are used freakin everywhere okay

so all you're going to need is the

padlock itself and a feeler gauge which

you can buy from any car store and

bought the smaller zone notice how

there's another siz point zero zero one

five on this metal thin strip you're

going to need point zero zero one five

or a feeler gauge that has point zero

zero two those are the only two sizes

that will fit in these little tracks

between the wheels okay so to prove to

you that this is legitimate and I'm not

I don't know what the number is I'm

cracking up and I'm going to put this

key in and scramble the numbers real

quick I'm not looking at them making it