How to crack a whip

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so that's how you crack a bullwhip it's

pretty simple the idea is you're going

to make a loop with your whip to travel

to the end of your whip at the end of

the loop this little part of the crack

or the fluffy bit instead of going out

like that

when that happens it's going to break

the sound barrier and create a sonic

boom here's basically what it looks like

there are two parts in cracking a whip

two positions really the inertia part or

gaining inertia which is position one

bringing the whip up what you want to

try to do is bring the whip up with a

little bit of force so the whip goes all

the way out all the way out above you

without any slack and then as you saw

just now curl up a bit right around your

shoulder when that happens you're going

to go into position number two which is