How to cook crack. The whole process reenacted from start to finish. flour as place holder parody🍞

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what's up what's up you know what it is

YouTube you know what this is 14 grams

you'll find this flower

that's right flower power is fill this

thing up water

alright you want to put 120 milliliters

of water in your Pirates glass but this

in a pirate's glass so I'm gonna show

you about where we need to put all right

little more than halfway to whoever

needed a little more than halfway time

to turn this light on I okay okay so

we've got about iron 20 milliliters of

water about a little more than halfway

and next thing we're gonna do is get

that powder that flower I understand

aka the baking soda put just enough to

cover the bottom glass this is a little

bit more than a big pinch put too much

it's gonna throw it all off but like I

said just a little bit more than a big