How to Crack Hickory Nuts

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hey y'all welcome to freedom acres I'm

Amanda and today we have been picking up

hickory nuts again this is what we have

picked all the way from down there to up

here all this we just picked a few

minutes ago me and sunshine and I spread

them out on the top of this this is just

from the back of a truck the bed cover

or whatever and it's the perfect size to

use as a table top here at the end so I

spread out my nuts when we finish and we

do this process about every other day or

so and that's about how many we gather

every other day so it's a significant

amount these are the nuts that were

sitting there for two days

and I've pulled the holes off and put

them here so that's about its point I

get to two gallons or so in this bucket

that's three gallon bucket so we'll take

these in the house in a few minutes and