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Two eggs were in a frying pan, first egg - hello there, second egg – ahhh a talking egg.

Alright! The ever so mysterious boiled egg! We’ve talked about how to boil them properly

in a previous How To Video, but how do you peel them? It’s not really that hard but

everybody seems to have issues so today I’m going to test out five different ways to peel

a boiled egg and tell you which one works best. And actually I’m only going to test

four, I’m going to show you the way I usually do it and then we will test four in addition

to that.

So first off, the way I usually do it is by rolling, and I tap it and roll it. Usually

I do this right when I boil them but these have all been in the fridge for about a day.

Roll it and then the skin of the shell comes off pretty easily. Alright, there we go, that

wasn’t terrible. So that is how I usually peel a boiled egg and it’s always worked

for me just fine. So we are going to compare the other ways to this.

So ultimate reading for my original way to peel an egg by just rolling it, and I would

say would be an A, because it always works for me.

Why can’t you tease egg whites? Why? Because they can’t take a yolk.

The first test will be similar to the way I usually do it, you roll it out but then

you are supposed to peel it while submerged in cold water. So cold water here we go, roll

it out, a light roll and then into the water it goes. Peel it while submerged, now is it

making it any easier, yeah actually maybe it is. Think I need to test it one more time

to be sure. I think that may have been easier, I think this one is probably just not very

well boiled. That was very easy, and now it’s all clean and shell less, I’m going to save