How To: Crack a Gmail Account Password In BackTrack 5

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hey what's going on everybody today I'm

going to teach you how to crack a gmail

account password using a brute-force

attack and I'm creating this tutorial

because one of my viewers requested it

so keep that in mind if you guys have a

tutorial that you'd like to see leave me

a comment shoot me an email and I'll be

happy to help you out so the first thing

we need to do is we need to create a

word list or a dictionary file and I've

already created two tutorials showing

you guys how to do this one is called

how to create a word list with crunch

and the other is called how to pass word

profiling with cup so go ahead and refer

over to those to create your word list

and then meet me back here at this step

so once you have your word list we need

to move it into a specific folder and to

get there we need to open up our rip