Purple Glow Stick Finally Lights Up!!!Part 3

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hi I'm back and this is part 3 trying to

make this blue stick light up so let me

turn off the lights so last time this is


oh I have one there I have orange when I

like put it in a balloon and it was kind

of Awesome slowly wait so let me go and

get my orange balloon

sorry guys but I can't find my orange

balloon I think I lost it or something

yeah you should watch part floor because

I am going to put one of this glow stick

in the balloon technically inside and

I'm gonna blow it up and it can be

totally awesome let me turn off the

lights but I found my orange balloon

well it has a glow stick inside oh it

just backs off the table I'm the idiot I

just bumped into that you all that is

kind of glowing kind of there's a glow

stick inside if you could actually see