How to break open into a Gardall Safe without damaging linkage

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all right what we're looking at now is a

guard all I believe it's model 48 22

about 48 and a half inches tall about 26

wide 26 deep and we moved this safe here

and when we did and broke off the lever

as you can see the shaft is broken okay

luckily we had the door unlocked and

open so we were able to access the

inside so what we did was we removed

that panel from there from the back side

of the door we'll be able to access the

inside we took off these two screws took

off this plate behind it was this

locking mechanism this lock that goes on

there what happens is on the bottom of

the lock you'll see that little plant

pin or plate or whatever that is down

there and so this thing moves in and out

now as you turn this it moves in and out

and what that does is that when it's

down in the down position it stops this