IGG-Games Install Tutorial - Circuit Pro

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yo guys what's going on my name is Erica

pro gaming well it's another video today

we're going to talk about how you can

use a GG games like I talked about in

the video linked above and down below

that how you can use that website to get

some games so we're going to talk about

super flight which is a to 269 game well

it's a to $0.99 game and it is a very

small ad so it's $2.99 so I'm gonna do

this without cutting the video to show

you that it is legit so we're gonna go

here skip this ad or close it how do you

spell secret flight

okay like actual flight so we're gonna

go here and we're gonna search it up and

we're gonna go to this go to the link

and what you want to do is you want to

go here so you want to download it from

Google because what happens when you