How to Program FoxPro Game Calls! Instructional Video!

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hi Steve Munson here hey just want to

take a few minutes and show you guys how

to program your Foxborough CS 24 C I get

a lot of requests from people because I

have programmed quite a few units in the

past and this units a little bit more

intimidating than most of theirs but

it's really not that difficult so the

first thing you're going to want to do

is make sure that you've downloaded the

FoxPro programmer off of their website

onto your desktop because you'll need

that for programming this unit this unit

you have to get inside of it to get to

the USB port now another thing you're

going to want to do before you get

started is make sure you have the

correct cord for plugging into your

computer and into the unit now the

easiest way to tell which one is the