EEVblog #762 - How Secure Are Electronic Safe Locks?

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hi this one's going to be a bit of an

unusual one I came across this si mi

home safe it made in Australia you

bloody beauty and it's got one of these

our lagarde digital locks on it and I

thought hmmm I wonder if there's any way

that we can sort of you know have a look

to see if we can hack into this lock and

actually open the thing rather than you

know like try not like physically crack

into the safe I wonder how easy these

things are if there's any

vulnerabilities in these locks so I

thought we'd do a video just seeing if

we can do what's called a power line

analysis power line attack on one of

these things and you'll see what I'm

talking about in a few minutes

now this is a si mi branded safe they

make out really top-quality our safes

here in Australia here in not Sydney I