Open a Locked Door Without a Key in Under 5 Seconds - Locksmith Recommended

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do you know when your locks on your door

incorrectly installed they can be

bypassed in just a matter of seconds

there's lots of videos online showing

you how to do it but none of them

showing you how to stop it

that's what we're gonna show you today

I'm Robert with Acme locksmith and this

is lock Smith recommended all righty

then so here's a locked door as you can

see the knob is locked I'm going to use

two techniques to get into this door the

first one is a technique where you can

just cut out the plastic from a water

bottle or a coke can to get in very

simple indeed door is still locked or

the other thing that you can use is

they're always sending you these little

thin plastic cards in the mail for

credit solicitations those will work as

well they're a little trickier at times