How To Make A Whip Cracker/Popper: An in-depth, step-by-step tutorial

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this is just a quick video under to make

on the cracker I know that everyone has

different ways of making the cracker and

there's no one specific way I just

wanted to share my way because after 10

years of up cracking this is what I

found to be the best way for me it's the

least amount of knots the least amount

of changes and the most reliable in your

cracks paul nolan released a video like

10 or so years ago that i learned to

make crackers from to make my crackers I

use 550 military grade not our nylon

paracord the gut a bit the inside the

reason I do that is because as a baker I

have tons of that stuff but also because

it's very durable it's very strong so

it's not gonna fray and break very

easily like baling twine might for

example some people will use Kevlar

which is totally good it's very durable