Professional Crab Cracking Techniques

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I'm here to show you how to eat a crab

there are a couple different variations

but a couple things still stay the same

first got to grab your crab turn it over

you want to grab the key pull it out

turn it back over and use it as leverage

to pop it open set the show off to the

side and one quick snap I like to just

squeeze the body I'm not just going to

release some of the not-so-good stuff

from the good stuff and this portion is

called the back fin that's where most of

the meat is the jumbo lump the lump that

you buy in the grocery store this is

where it's coming from so just kind of

start pulling away the white stuff is

the meat so that's what you want to go

after nice sweet white meat is what you

want there are a couple different ways

you can eat if you don't like just spice

I've got here butter vinegar spice and