Learn to Crack Crab Legs With Heidi Lane from Red Lobster

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hey guys it's Laurent Oh goddamn food

reporter with the Orlando Sentinel if

you're feeling a little hot little

crabby this summer head on over to Red

Lobster for crabby mess I really wanted

to come here today and give you some

tips and tricks on how to crack crap

it's kind of a little intimidating that

maybe you don't want to do it at home

but it's really really easy and it's

actually really fun as something you can

hit kind of all your visual or all of

your senses with you can see it you can

taste it you touch it you can hear it so

we ever came crab which is kind of like

the biggest and the best of the bunch

really really big pieces of meat that's

very very sweet then we have our snow

crab here which is kind of like the

smallest someone described it as the

daddy's mommy and baby so this is kind