How to Crack a Stone Crab Claw

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just go right into the cracking game

where'd it go guys start cracking where

we do my name is Joe and I know fish and

today we're talking about stone crab

claws and other crab products because of

its perishability crab products are sold

three ways live fresh cooked for frozen

cooked and today for a demonstration

we're going to show you how to crack a

cooked stone crab claw now this might

not be Orthodox but this is the way I do

it I'm not going to use this little

thing whatever you want to call a crab

cracker that's that that's no good this

little thing I'm going to go to my

grandkids to play with here I'm gonna

use a hammer but when you use a hammer

you can't swing it like you know you

really mean you got to give it give it a

tap because if you swing too hard you're

gonna crack the shell a little pieces