(picking 733) Laptop lock from LogiLink decoded easily (indirect method)

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welcome to a laptop combination look

that was given to me by Hill t home

buddy thank you very much for luck yeah

it can be decoded but it requires the

indirect method but first let's have a

look at how it works quite simple there

is a leaver if you push down the lever

the middle arm here on this mechanism

gets towards the center so you can now

stick it into the slot on your laptop

then you release the lever it's still

springy but if you change the code first

of all you cannot push the button and

now this is stiff and so the lock will

stay in a slot unless you change the

code to what was it maybe all zeros I

don't remember yes then you can push the

button again and remove the lock quick

note before we start decoding

combination locks fall into at least two

categories one that can be decoded by