Crack a Masterlock combination lock in 60 seconds! Without knowing the combo!

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hey guys style 662 here gonna show you

how to pick a master a combination lock

in under a minute

so first let me start by just orienting

you to the lock this is the combination

dial which will be spinning and

manipulating in order to open it up and

then on the top this piece is called the

shackle it pull pulls up and down just a

little bit when it's locked and then

when it's open it obviously comes all

the way out but the key to cracking

these locks is all shackle and dial

manipulation and here I'll go into that

right now so in order in order to get

the first number what you're gonna want

to do is apply a slight amount of

shackle pressure not enough so that you

can't turn the dial like this or it

won't turn and not too little where you

basically aren't applying any pressure