How to Crack the Code & Open a Combination Padlock

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if you've forgotten the number to your

combination lock it can be really

annoying today I'm going to show you how

to open one of these padlocks without

knowing the number I'm starting with

this 3 dial combination lock it's about

6 centimetres tall and it feels

relatively sturdy we need to start by

pulling a little on the shackle to apply

some tension to the lock I do this just

by pulling back with my finger like this

next we need to rock each one of the

dials back and forward to see which

one's got the most resistance on in this

case is the top one so we start here we

need to rotate the dial slowly between

each digit until we feel a small break

in resistance on the wheel here number

five feels a lot freer than the other

digits so we move on to the next style

and is the same procedure keep some