How To Open Coconuts Without Any Tools! TKOR's Easy Way Of Cracking Coconuts!

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hey guys i brought you out to the islands of hawaii today

to show you the method that i use for cracking opening coconuts

Now when you going down to the store

and buy coconut its already riped

out of the husk for you. But out on an island

if you stranded like you are on castaway

you have to get through the husk

in order to get to the coconut

But these husks are deceivingly tough they take an enormous amount of energy to rip through

and so if you are in a survival situation trying to conserve energy

the last thing you want to do is burn it all up trying to get to your source of food


So here's a little method I've played around with to crack these things open using as little energy as possible

When you give your coconut a good shake you should be able to hear the water sploshing around inside

if you don't hear anything it's either choked full or completely empty

and you can tell that by the weight of the coconut itself

now when you look at the coconut you will notice it kind of has a sharp pointy end on one side

and a blunt end on the other

and what we're gonna need to do is smash the top so we crush the fibres, and peel this thing apart

if we tried using rocks to chip at this we would be chipping all day