How To Crack a Coconut

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Usually, if a recipe calls for coconut, we

simply go to the pantry,

and pull out a bag of shredded coconut.

Pretty easy, right?

But, do you know how to crack open a fresh one?

In case you don't, let me show you a few tricks that will

make it really easy!

The first thing we want to do is drain the coconut water that's in it.

To do that, we place a kitchen towel underneath a heavy cutting board,

and then another towel that goes on top.

This way the coconut won't slip around.

Now using a Phillip's head screwdriver,

we puncture what are known as the "eyes."

We do this one at a time, until all 3 are done.

We may need the help of a hammer

depending on how strong we feel.

Once we've made the holes,

we simply empty the water into a bowl.

Later on, we can use this in soups and sauces, even drinks.

Now the fastest way to open it,

is to hold the coconut firmly with one hand, and whack