How to crack a can of dip

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a tube I'm coming at you with a a

quickie on how to crack a can now I'm

gonna be doing a video later on tonight

or tomorrow on how to do on a discussion

with my good friend Brant and Panthers

so we'll show you how the cracking cam

it's like blood just like with the

outlaw Dipper says does so I'm not like

in my normal room split ate the candy

when I take it and push your thumbnail

make sure you have like a thumbnail when

you would do dippers out there probably

already do you wanna have a thumbnail

that's long you just want to take it and

then turn it around turn it turn it want

to crack your hand and with doing this

you don't need to use a [ __ ] knife to

mess up the labels so you can keep the

labels even when you're dipping and

stuff and that's just an easy little

trick and