OutLaw Safe Company Safe Opening Browning/Prosteel Gun Safe

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test test we are live here at outlaw

safe company let me get it focused don't

mind ma there and this is a Browning pro

steel safe that I'm going to be selling

but it is locked up I bought it at a

what you'd call a distressed estate sale

and they couldn't get it open so we're

gonna have one of my crack safe crackers

open it up and I'll show you a little

bit of that process so keep an eye on

and then we'll see what's inside this

thing we don't know what's in it

this thing is 30 inches wide by 23

inches deep it's like a dark not darkest

as a gray polished gray looks pretty

nice it's got an SMG dial on it

I like the handle and dial combination

there with pinstriping so Oh

my safe cracker gets on it no film that

one too