Breaking Into A Brinks Safe

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if everybody's Kyle here and I'm left

with quite a predicament actually I had

my keys a couple days ago and that's

moving some stuff around I actually lost

them and while come to find out I need

that key because one of them is to my

safe right here and I've looked for

countless hours for my keys and cannot

find them so I'm left with a choice of

breaking into my fire-resistant bring

security safe that s probably give me a

little bit of struggle but we're gonna

see how long it takes so I put the

combination and here's going to be my

first tool of choice is a bobby pin see

if I can't pick that lock next tool is a

tiny little pry bar right here that only

uses hammer and train pulled these edges

in so I can fit the biggest tool this

big old ice bud that is sure to pop this

door off okay round one here we go