How to Crack Black Walnuts (Perfect 1/4's)

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all right I've been cracking black

walnuts I'm gonna run you guys through

my method here you can see my setup get

a couple whole nuts here these all been

dried and cured I got kind of fragments

here that I'll show you how I get out

the quarters that are still stuck in

there and then I got the finished nuts

and I'm just doing just doing a couple

here just for an example so the first

thing is I'm not using a vise I'm not

using any kind of crazy method this is

how I learned from Sam Thayer and he was

nice enough to give me a little tutorial

because I was a complete noob so I just

got a hammer and then I got the snips we

will we'll get to the snips here in a

bit because those are absolutely crucial

and this is it I think this is a pretty

cool way that you can crack black

walnuts really really hard nuts at home