Hack a Bike Lock Combination! Forgot bike lock combo? Lost Combination? Here is how to solve it

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all right we have a bike walk here this

is a bell bike lock this is just a cheap

one you find like a Walmart but we've

had this for a couple years and haven't

remembered the combination so I

shouldn't float around so if you kind of

determined to figure out how to get the

combination so after reading a few tips

this is kind of how we've been able to

solve the code so if you see here we're

just gonna line it up all at once so the

lock pulls out of this end here

so we're gonna start here on the left

side we're going to line them up all at

one and if you see here when we get the

when when you have the there can be some

separation between the numbers so see

here if I'm pulling the block out

there's a look there can be a slight gap

between the numbers so what I'm gonna do

is I want to see that I want to see a