How To Break A Baseball Bat! *FIVE Methods*

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my okay so that is way number two what

is up everybody and welcome back to the

channel today's a little bit of a

special video because I'm actually not

very much in it if you're coming over

from Josh's channel you saw that I got

to break a phone book with JD Iceman


teamwork makes the dream work

JD set a world record for breaking bats

over his knee and now he's gonna show

you several different ways to break bats

let's check it out every Wednesday in my

channel we break her set a world record

and this week JD was on my channel and

he attempted a world record for most

bats broken in 60 seconds after done

watching this video make sure you head

over to see whether or not you're

successful yeah did I do it or not I

don't I don't I was like there like two