Breaking a 4 digit pin, how long will it take.

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hi a couple of days ago I was wondering

how many attempts does it take to break

a normal four-digit pin like you have in

the bank

I start by iterating for different

variables attached with a random

function so four different digits from 0

to 9 and this is the output whenever i

refresh it just regenerates afforded it

better then I have to actually break the

code how would most people break this

code would be to have an actual large

array which is a list of digits starting

from zero zero zero going up to 9999 but

to actually simulate how many attempts a

unique attempts it would take I have to

shuffle this list so it will not start

with zero zero zero and go zero zero one

zero zero two it will have zero zero one

zero fifteen and other numbers but never

repeating the number so I have a random