How To Tell A Girl You Like Her (Without Getting Friend-zoned)

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dear Jenny you are so pretty I like you

so much

no stop it what's going on guys welcome

back to my channel it's a Bret maverick

here I hope you all are having an

awesome day so far so you like her and

maybe you're getting some mixed signals

or something like that you want to know

how she feels and you want to let her

know how you feel about her before you

grab your phone and text her something

miraculous wait wait wait hold your

horses because I'm gonna tell you when

and how to tell a girl that you like her

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appreciate it if you pull out your phone

and follow me on instagram at brett MVR

Kay because I put a lot of really cool

stuff on there you won't find anywhere

else so without further ado let's get

right into it so there's two scenarios