How A Loved One’s Death Can Influence You Physically – Sadhguru

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Sadhguru: Grief, we must understand, it is on many different levels.

Somebody close to them died somewhere, they will feel this,

because within the body, there is a certain process.

Because what you call as a parent, is the basis of this body,

there is a very deep memory connection between the two.

Sadhguru: Death simply means somebody who was available to you is now absent,

that's all.

It is not because one life vanished, you are crying about it.

It is just that somebody who was, you know, filling a part of the collage for you is absent,

so it leaves a hole in your life.

Depending upon how close they were,

accordingly it leaves that big a hole in your life.

So what you are battling with is not the death of a person,

what you are battling with is the size of the hole they have left in your life.

Suppose faraway, relative or a friend, somebody that you know, an acquaintance, died, tch,

you feel bad for an hour, and then you get back to normal,

but somebody very close and dear to you passed away, now they have left a huge hole.

So your problem is, you trying to tend to this hole which is, within yourself.

This hole has happened essentially… now what I say may sound little brutal for people

who are in that situation, but one must understand this.

If you look for solace, yes, if somebody comes to me who have just lost somebody dear to