Useful English greetings and responses -- Free English Lesson

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Oh friends I am Niharika and welcome

back to the new lessons you know many

times I have observed when people greet

each other they'll obvious responses I'm


or they say a good good or some people

just have no idea that how to respond to

the question how you doing or how are

you so in this lesson today we are gonna

look at different expressions that

people use around the world to greet

each other and their right responses to

it so let's get started so what people

end up asking you hey how are you or hey

how's it going okay how you would answer

well a very basic answer to this would

be fine or not bad or not too bad so

that's a very basic answer which also

gives an idea that maybe you don't want

to go ahead with a long conversation

okay so if someone would say hey how are