How To Calm A Crying Baby - Dr. Robert Hamilton Demonstrates The Hold (Official)

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hello friends it's a wonderful day here

at Pacific Ocean Pediatrics in Santa

Monica California my name is Bob

Hamilton I'm a pediatrician I've been

doing it now for about 30 years one of

the great joys I've had in life is I've

been able to care for literally

thousands of newborn children one of the

challenges that pediatricians have in

taking care of children is trying to

communicate clear and precise

information to their parents a lot of

times over a baby who's crying very very

loud and I have utilized a technique

that I called the hold over the years

which is very helpful in calming

children and keeping them quiet so today

I'd like to show you how I do that this

is simple hold I think you'll understand

come with me now into one of my

consultation rooms I'll show you how I