How Do You Tell A Girl You Love Her? Sadhguru Answers

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Love does all these things to you. You are having a great love affair, just enjoy it..

You may think I am a hero but well the girl, she has her opinions.

Your nose can be like this, it doesn’t matter. Joyful face is always a beautiful face.

Moderator (Abhijeet): Okay, Sadhguru ji, this is very common in my college

and it is true about me and also my friends. So I am in love with a girl and...

Sadhguru: Ah! (Laughter)

Moderator (Abhijeet): And what happens is that I don’t have the courage to talk to her

and this is like a self-doubt that I have. I think that I don’t deserve her.

So what to do on this regards? (Laughs/Laughter)

Sadhguru: You are in love with a girl or you’ve fallen in love with a girl?

Moderator (Abhijeet): Actually, I’ve fall in love.

Sadhguru: Ok. This happened, before he became a drunk,

he was at the Shillong University, Shankaran Pillai (Laughter). And he was doing his PhD.

So one day, he went to his mentor professor and said, “Sir, I need your help on something very important.”

So the professor said, “Yes, that’s why I am here, please tell me.” Then he named the college beauty

and he said, “Sir, I am completely in love with her, I need your help on this.”

“What do you mean, you need my help? I am not here to help you on those kind of matters,

I am here for academic purposes.” He said, “No sir, I am really fifty percent successful.

You just need to help me with the other fifty percent.” He asked, “What is fifty percent success anyway?”

He said, “I am completely in love with her and she doesn’t know, the other fifty percent you must help me.”