How To Show Love And Affection To Your Wife

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So, you want to make a difference in your marriage? Well now's the time to really

look into how to show love and affection towards your wife. Because that's where

it's really going to count.

I've been married now for 27 years and I love my wife.

Oh, she is such an angel. But I got to check in with myself you know as the man

and how to show love and affection for my wife. You know, as the years click by

of being married, you know, some things can get assumed like, "Oh, my wife loves me.

I don't need to tell her or I don't need to do those cute little things I did. You

know, in the beginning of the marriage." But what if it was the other way around?

What if as the years click by, I practice on getting better by showing love and

affection to my wife? Wow! Now that's something to think about.

You know as the years go along, it gets better and better and better. But notice

I'm not talking about how she is going to show love and affection to me. It's

about me. You know, the guy. And I know. Us guys, we're into fixing the lawnmower,

we're into you know making sure that all the repairs around the house have happen.

We're the like fix-it crew. You know, we want to make sure all the appliances

work, everything works. And so we tend to be in fix-it mode. But when it comes to

showing love and affection to your wife, it's time to serve, not just fix. We're

out there to serve our wife and be able to look for those moments that we can

help them. Now, my wife, she is a passionate, goal-setting driven wife. And

wow, is she very independent. And sometimes, I wonder, "Am I even needed?"