We owe all students high expectations | Shemeka Millner-Williams

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In my many years as an educator

I've been afforded the opportunity to work with a variety of students.

They have all come from varying backgrounds,

single and two parent homes, middle class and impoverished homes,

monolingual and bilingual homes.

I regard each of those students in the same way:

as children who come into a school with an expectation to learn.

And I view my role with each of these children

as a conduit to whatever goals and dreams

they and their parents have ascribed to themselves.

And I, knowing the difficulties and opportunities that this world holds,

know that it is my job, along with their parents and caregivers,

to prepare them as best possible

to meet any challenge or opportunity that they may face.

With this idea in mind, I go about my work.

Although I claim to be a superhero at times,

I realize that there are things that exist in the lives of my students

that I cannot control.

I have no control over the income level of their parents.

I have no say in where they live or how their non-school hours are spent.

I cannot be sure that they always have the best nutritional choices