This is How You Communicate Empathy to Customers

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I have reached out to QVC over chat to

check the status of a return I purchased

an expensive video camera and then

decided to return it because it wasn't

exactly what I thought I'd thought it

had been nearly two weeks since I

shipped the returned and I hadn't

received a credit back into my account

this is the response I got from the QVC

chat agent when I asked about the status

of my return ms golden I'm so sorry the

canon camcorder hasn't been processed as

of yet I know you're anxious to have

this completed the return processing

time can take up to 17 days from the

date and order is returned to QVC I hope

your item is processed soon here's what

I love about this I know you're anxious

to have this completed because I was

feeling just that anxious to get my

credit the employee zeroed in on what I