Polite Ways to Express Sympathy in the Event of a Tragedy

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Today I'm going to talk to you about different ways

to express sympathy when there's a tragic or unfortunate event.

In this lesson, I will talk to you about some very, very useful expressions.

Now these expressions are to be used when somebody

close to you, or somebody you know, or somebody from work

is going through a rough time.

And these are things you can say to comfort a person,

express your concern, or just express your sympathy.

So something that I wanted to mention that is very

important, is that when somebody's going through a rough time or

when they're going through a loss, we want to make

sure that we have the right words to comfort this person.

We don't want to use something that can be potentially offensive.

So it's very important that you pay attention to the

context and that you say the right things.

I'm going to provide you kind of some of the context

that we can use these words in and what you should say.

So first I want to talk to you about smaller losses or problems.

If somebody is going through an issue

but that's's not incredibly tragic.

So here's something you can say in this case.