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Hi, it's Myra again and welcome to a new video.

Last month, we were all deeply shocked to hear the terrible news

about the death of the basketball legendary, Kobe Bryant.

Recently, I've seen some bad news on my Facebook news feed

about the passing or death of my friends' relatives or loved ones.

That's why I decided to come up with a short video

about how we can express our sympathy

to a bereaved person.

When a person passes away,

it is difficult to know what to say to the bereaved.

When we say BEREAVED,

it's someone who has lost a loved one.

So we can say, 'to the bereaved family'.

The word BEREAVED could be an adjective.

'BEREAVED family'

It could also be a noun.


We, Filipinos, usually say "Condolence."


The truth is, it is incorrect to say "Condolence."

If you observe native speakers of English, none of them say "Condolence."