How to Deliver Bad News with Confidence: 3 Magic Phrases (Pt.1) | Effective Communication Skills

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hi everybody this is dan o'connor and

i'm going to give you the three magic

phrases that you can use to deliver bad

news like a pro and get night and day

results from the average professional

communicator who really hasn't invested

in his or her communication skills and

does not know how to deliver bad news so

this will not only benefit you as a

professional and as a communicator it

will set you apart from the other

communicators in your office of course

if you're a manager or supervisor you

can share this with your staff and you

will find instant results when people

have to deliver bad news at work what

I'm going to do first is tell you what

the phrases are and then I'm going to

show you how to use them together are

you ready magic phrase number one the

reason repeat that after me the reason I