Say Bye To Brassy/Yellow Hair Instantly!

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hi beautiful I'm feeling feisty today

because I had my my tool at a toning is

fun it is the icing on the cake and in

some cases it is the cake it's very

important you do this step correctly

which is why I decided to make an entire

video about this one topic

choosing the right toner for your blond

hair is essential to making it look

luxurious and professionally done today

I'll give you everything you need to

know in the most simplest of terms about

toning your hair maybe without using t18

but basically we're just like it's just

very basic so you can do this at home

and not get up I see one more person

using tatin on their orange hair it

might just stop doing hair just reacts

I'm just kidding that's never gonna

happen please don't skip over anything

in this video because all of it is very