Advanced Color Correction // Hair 101 Tutorial

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hi everyone it's April hair 101 and we

are going to do another color correction

today she this is my darling niece I

love her she's the very best but she

decided to color her own hair a few

times and now we have some stripeys and

she wants to just go all back to her

natural color so what she must have done

here let me just guess is you put a dark

brown on and then you try to lighten it

and the only thing that lightened was

her roots when she lightened it because

color only lifts natural hair color

color does not lift artificial color so

if you want to go lighter when you've

already put a color on your ends you

have to lighten them out with the color

remover or a bleach she didn't know that

because she didn't go to hair school but

I'm in a teacher right now and I'm gonna

teach you guys that too so that's a big