How To Correct & Conceal Acne ⎮Heidi Hamoud

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hey everyone welcome back to my channel

hope you're all doing extremely well so

today's tutorial is about how to correct

and conceal your acne under this is a

problem a lot of people have these days

and you guys are really requested this

video so I thought I would do it for you

guys today this is a full-coverage and

yeah so let's just jump in someone I

hope you enjoy so the first thing well

to start off with is moisturize and it's

really important that you have a fresh

clean and hydrated base before you apply

any foundation or concealer or anything

like that and I'm using Charlotte

Tilbury the magic cream and you just

want to apply this and rub it into your

face quite well of course if you're

doing this on somebody else make sure

that you have washed and sanitized your

hands because that's really important