Quickest Way to Color Correct in Any Situation in Photoshop

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let's talk about the quickest way to

color correct your images in any

situation so without any further ado

let's get started so here we on

Photoshop and if you wanna download this

photo check the links in the description

so first of all it's really simple

create a curves adjustment layer click

on the circle adjustment layer icon and

choose curves then there you get three

eyedropper tools right select the middle

one not one with the white drop not one

with the black one select the gray one

and click on anything which should have

been gray in real life while clicking

the photo click on anything which should

have been grey so as you can see we have

a gray road so obviously we'll click

click here

we'll try clicking here and there and

boom it's just it solves the problem try