Concrete Iron oxide pigments ,how to use.Coloring concrete.

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hidey-ho everybody Griz Darryl mr.

concrete arson whatever you want to call

me with another new Q&A vid this one's

going to be on iron oxide powders or

iron oxide paste it's a question since

apparently everybody wants their names

used I don't have a problem at all so

this is for leaf flipper Robins wife

otherwise known as Lahav in Nova Scotia

great member great admin staff member up

her to pieces thanks for all you do

okay she had asked about she had

purchased something from sculpture

Supply Canada and just knowing how much

to put in and will it fade and to make

it darker so I'll tell you basically

what I do others might do it different

but I'm just going to tell you sort of

what I do

I'm going to put a few links down in

below one if you're a geek and you want