How to Make Colored Concrete Hand Mixing

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this is David Odell with Odell complete

concrete today I'm gonna be showing you

how to make color concrete and

specifically how to match existing color

concrete so what we have here is a band

with color concrete in it around this

entire driveway we have a different

color band and a different finish than

the driveway but in order to mix your

concrete and get the color especially if

you're matching something well you want

to do is get your pigment from what I

use is a davelis color it's an intrical

that you mix with the concrete so what

you have to determine first of all is a

how many sacks of cement are in that

concrete mix that you're going to be

using I'm using a seven sack concrete

mix I'm gonna bag mix it so I know I've

got seven sacks of cement now I'm not

gonna be mixing a yard at a time and the