Casting Concrete Sunflower Stepping Stones Using Two Colors

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hello today is a very nice early spring

day here today I'm going to be casting

decorative stone or you could call them

stepping stones to whichever one you

want to use them for sunflowers in two

tones I'm gonna use the brown colorant

to do the area where the seats would be

symbolically on this and then I'm going

to use up for why the floral arrangement

would be on the sunflower symbolically

I'm going to be using

quikrete 5000 because it dries quickly

and it's very strong with an early yield

and by the time it hits 28 days roughly

you know a couple of you know three

weeks it's good to get to 5000 pounds

which is extremely strong and step on it

it's not gonna crack really good

concrete for this it is about I'd say

about 40 percent more than regular

concrete but well worth it considering