How to Stain Concrete (simple DIY method)

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hey my name is Eric Worrell and in this

video I'm gonna show you how I took this

back patio from looking from that to

this you can see that I've stained the

concrete again another image here where

you can see where it looked like before

and now it looks like this I have

painted concrete before you definitely

don't want to go that way trust me and

what we're gonna be covering in this

video are the following topics we're

gonna talk about cleaning the surface

watching the concrete mixing the stain

applying your first coat allowing dry

time and applying the second coat and

going over everything I'm going to show

you how to do it with a product called

Pro Line Pro stain I'm gonna show you an

image here on the screen of exactly what

that is and what I'm going to be letting

you know to is I worked with a company